The Style Coaching with Justi is full of professionalism combined with an intimate atmosphere and good energy. I liked the process of my personal colour analysis and creating categorized fashion and makeup inspirations on Pinterest.

Aga AKA INZPIREA, Creative Entrepreneur, Gdynia Poland

Sessions with Justi allowed me to rebuild my self-confidence and believe in my own potential. Thanks to her, I discovered my own style in which I feel great.

Kasia, Photographer, Warszawa Poland

Working with Justi was a very unique and professional experience. She made me feel comfortable, so I could frankly speak about my preferences and improvement areas. At the same time, I was sure I am in the very good hands of the expert. I applied Justi’s advice to my wardrobe and thanks to her started to understand how to choose the right color and why it makes a difference. I love my new style!

Kasia, Consultant Manger, Montreal Canada

Justyna allowed me to discover my personal style. The sessions helped me gain back my confidence. One of the best features was learning about my colour tone and understanding which colours work and which don’t. This was absolutely fascinating and life changing because I realised that I kept buying clothes with the wrong colours that were dampening my features and skin tone rather than highlighting it. Having Justyna guide me through this personal process has positively changed my idea of styling and presentation, especially for my professional life.

Natasha, Lawyer, Malmö Sweden

Justyna helps me to build my work wardrobe. Having sets of workwear that I can rely on to not only make me look professional but also feel my very best is at the very core of my wardrobe staples.

Sylwia, HR Director, Vienna Austria

Justi helped me to get more creative with my current wardrobe. Even with my minimalist wardrobe, I learn that I can mix up my look every day. One scarf can be tied in 25 ways. I learnt how to check out fashion inspiration to make the most of clothing I already have.

Dorota, Media Account Manager, Warsaw Poland

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