Body Shape Analysis

Finding tricks to create a flattering body shape is the key to style.

I encourage women to let me teach them how to dress their shape, to help them accept the shape they are today and make the best of what they have. You have your basic shape and no matter how much weight you lose or gain, it will still be just on a smaller or bigger scale.. Understanding your own shape is having awareness of the strengths that can be emphasized and proud of. In my work, I take into account different schools of thought and approaches to body types, thanks to which, in a very individual, non-schematic way, I analyze the type of figure.

What outcomes will you get from the Body shape analysis?

  • Have an understanding of your body type
  • Learn how many different body shape categories there are and the differences between them
  • Know how to dress for your body shape and to create balance for the proportions of your body
  • Knowledge of individual items of clothing dress, pants, etc., beneficial to your figure (useful when shopping)

Body Shape Analysis Service Includes

  • Pre-session questionnaire and chat so that I can understand more about who you are in order to prepare for your session.
  • A detailed report delivered within 7-days with examples of what to wear for your body shape.
  • Practical exercises for own work to increase awareness of proportions
  • Audio material for home practice.

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