Hi There!

My background is originally with an education in Psychology and Public Relations. Before moving to Sweden, I worked in luxury goods and the beauty industry with a stint in marketing agencies. For many years I worked in the world’s fashion capital like Milan and Paris.

All this makes me fully aware of the importance of making an excellent first impression.

I truly believe that our personal style is fundamental and creates us as individuals.

A powerful and authentic image enhances our self-confidence and express our personality the way we want to be perceived by others.

My commitment is to help women and men to find their own unique style, raise their self-esteem, and eliminate negative self-beliefs.

Through our work together in schedule sessions we set goals that we pursue together which will make your life better!

The transformation you experience, will translate not only into your appearance and well-being, but also into many other aspects of your life.

In my work, I use the methods and theories that I acquired at the Style Coaching Institute®  together with many specialized courses that I have completed at Copenhagen Business School, London Business School and Bocconi University in Milan.

I regularly expand and update my knowledge in the field of fashion and branding, thanks to which I have the chance to share the knowledge gained from the best in the industry.

How do I work with my clients

I work with my clients 1:1, either online or in person. My style of work is based on clear, proven and effective methods elaborated by Style Coaching Institute®. The plan for our sessions is established in the beginning of our collaboration and will include exercises using a variety of tools that bring us closer to achieving what we have set out to achieve for you during the sessions. 

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