8 things that make you look cheap

Buying clothes that look cheap are one of the main sins that you can commit. We have all been guilty of this at some point or other. It won’t matter how much money you’ve spent in your wardrobe if it’s full of pieces that look inexpensive and poor-quality. On the other hand, if you can learn to spot and avoid cheap-looking clothes, you’ll be on your way to creating a sophisticated and high quality wardrobe. So here are which clothes look cheap and what to wear instead. 


While I like a little stretch in my jeans for comfort, I don’t like excess stretch because the denim can then appear a bit too flimsy and unsubstantial for my liking. Womens jeggins look cheap and personally, I associate them with neglected moms who put comfort above all else. The perfect formula jeans is either 100% cotton, or 99% -98% cotton to 1%-2% elastane.

Low-quality seams

It’s well-known that sticky thread is a universal evil that indicates the ignoble origin of clothing. But even seams that look normal at first glance don’t ensure that the clothe was sewn well.

Pay attention to the areas where seams join, the end of one seam should be matching the beginning of the second seam on the other end perfectly. Seams of high-quality items are all placed well, especially in spots where the fabric gets stretched or rubbed on a lot . Otherwise, you might end up getting loose or torn seams after the first washing cycle.

Inspect pieces before you buy them to make sure seams are sewn straight and edges are nicely finished. Check that the print on a pocket is in line with the print on the rest of the garment, and not off-set in some way. Trim loose threads with scissors, never pull them. It might sound like a lot, but these little things make a huge difference.

Wearing too many logos in one outfit

I truly understand that it can be nice to add a designer name or logo to an outfit. However, mix too much is a major fashion faux pas.

Sporting designer logos from head-to-toe will make your outfit look pretentious and honestly, a bit too trashy. The best way to wear designer logos without overdoing them is by choosing one thing that makes your outfit stand out.

Instead of wearing Gucci belt, Chanel bag, and a YSL heels all in one look, just choose one designer item to showcase whether that is a belt, shoes, or bag.

Overly printed

Prints are fine, but boring, repetitive prints all over your clothes aren’t cool. I’ve seen girls with printed leggings, paired with a different printed T-shirt. It actually hurt my eyes trying to decipher what they were wearing. If you’re wearing small prints, only wear them on one half of your body. Wear a plaid colour on the rest. The smaller and more complicated the print is, the more opportunities there are for something to go wrong (aka for it to end up looking cheap). Match the prints to your personality. Of course, prints can speak louder to some people than others. That’s why it is important that prints match your personality so you can infuse your wardrobe with colours and dimension which work with you.

Say no to polyester

Polyester is just a terrible fabric that has ruined fashion. Many designers and fashion houses have chosen to use polyester because it’s cheap. However, while it saves on margins, it sucks for consumers.

Most lower-priced clothing is made from polyester or polyester blends. However, now I’m even seeing expensive clothing made from it as well! Just because a pants or blazer is high priced, doesn’t mean it’s high quality.

Wearing polyester feels about the same as spending all day in a stinky plastic bag.

Polyester is hot and cramped. Because it’s basically a plastic, wearing it on a hot day means your sweat gets trapped between the fabric and your skin, making you hotter and looking cheap.

Unlike natural fabrics like cotton or wool that wick moisture away from the skin to keep you dry, polyester will leave you damp. Or even dripping with sweat.

Steer clear of embellishment

In a similar vein to the above, over-embellishment can be fantastic, but not when done anyhow. Nothing is going to be able to compete with a hand appliquéd gown from Valentino, so don’t try it. There’s no bigger giveaway than a bejewelled top that is missing some of its jewels. Instead, pick more simple pieces and make your mark with your accessories or some pattern instead.

Imperfect fit

A proper fit is by far the most important factor that decides if your clothes looks cheap or more expensive . If a sleeve is too wide, or a shoulder is too narrow, or a pant leg is too long or too loose, the piece is going to look cheap. Period. Even if it costs a lot of money, if it fits bad, it’s just going to look like garbage.

Taking the extra days from purchase to have your tailor nip and tuck your latest great find, versus ripping the tags off and wearing right away, will elevate the final product way beyond its original price tag.

Keep away from slouchy handbags

When investing in an affordable tote, it helps to hold to structured shapes, rather than anything too slouchy as it will inevitably hold its shape better and appear to be in better condition for much longer. A purse will be flopping over and sagging because there is no internal structure to support the leather sides to keep it upright. The design may have no materials to keep it firm and standing up. Without the framework to keep its shape, it will slouch. So, think satchels and boxy bags, rather than slouchy shoppers.

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