10 signs Your Fashion is trying too hard to be stylish.

1. Flaunting your expensive clothes.

By now, you should know that co-signing certain brands will make you look like pretentious girl.  Ed Hardy aside, flaunting your Louis Vuitton Damier Bag or Burberry plaid shirt is the more expensive form of stylish dickery.

If you’ve got cash to blow, opt for copping items with so-called “stealth wealth” in mind: luxurious items that are subtle in their design. N°21’s characteristic ribbon and the four tell-tale stitches on the back of Margiela knits should be worn like a best-kept secret. Only the cool girls who pay attention to details and quality will notice and appreciate it, and going out of your way to point it out will make you look like a “wannabe girl” with a credit card.

2. Color coordinated from head to toe.

Everyone has a favorite color, but this shade doesn’t need to take over your entire outfit. If you want to avoid looking like a walking crayon, it’s best to not wear one color from head to toe.  This is especially true if said color is bright neon. (The only exception to wearing one shade from top to bottom is, of course, the all-black or all-white outfit, but even these colors can become overwhelming.)


3. Outfits with too many accessories.

It’s important to remember that quality is always more important than quantity when it comes to accessories. It’s not about how many plastic beads and bangles you can stack on your arm, but the story behind how you got them and what their value is, whether monetarily or sentimentally. The next time you put on your accessories, stick to the few you can’t live without and cherish as most expensive treasures.

4. Balance is the key to success.

We all love high fashion.In spite of everything, you should leave wearing premium and luxury brands from head to toe for when you’re invited to a designer’s fashion show. So, don’t get deluded by the influencer’s street style on Fashion Weeks.That is, they are wearing clothes the brands send them to attend their runway shows. But in their normal, day-to-day lives, they don’t go around looking like humans outdoors for Prada. In fact, fashion-savvy and classy girls know how to wear their high fashion pieces with everyday clothes to achieve the perfect balance in high/low outfits that do not scream, “I’m trying too hard!”

5. Too sexy.

There’s nothing chic or cool about trying too hard to look sexy. Not being able to walk in those sky-high heels or showing too much skin can look desperate if you’re not actually comfortable with what you’re wearing. Dressing in fishnet stockings, low-plunging tops, and extremely tight dresses is not going to flatter your body. And sadly, these styles will be turning heads for the wrong reasons. Real sexiness is all about ease, effortlessness, and ,as cliché as it may sound, feeling confident.

5. Wearing loud animal print

Seeking attention through your sense of style isn’t uncommon, but there are ways to do this delicately, rather than shouting “hello everybody, look at me!” Animal print is one of those styles that will make those around you cringe. It can be garish and even offensive to certain people. If you want to get people to notice you, find exceptional ways to style your basics instead of flaunting complete outfit cheetah and zebra print.

6. Half of your wardrobe is from style blogs.

In the same vein, while many women’s blogs are a great resource for new brands, finding out how they fit in relation to what else is out there, and getting a headstart on trends months before majority find out, take all that advice with a grain of salt.

But you don’t want to do is look like you were “dressed by the Internet,” because often this means you’re so afraid to take a risk because you don’t think the fashion influencers will agree with your personal style. Do you.

7. Showing off how bohemian you are.

It’s great if you like being one with nature, prefer organic products, do healthy routines , yoga and follow your bliss. However, you don’t need to express boho with every garment. If your personal style is on the bohemian side, you can wear flowing dresses and wavy hair without looking like you’ve dressed up for Pinterest boards.

8. Being head-to-toe preppy.

Just beacuse you love brands like Lilly Pulitzer, L.L. Bean, J.Crew, and Lexington does not mean you must look like The Stepford Wife. That being said, you shouldn’t feel bound to the most popular style of your region. You can look just as preppy with one colorful dress, rather than wearing head-to-toe pastels. And think about whether you’re slightly overdoing things the next time you put on pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, and pearl bracelets. 

9.  Your “casual” outfit seems calculated.

Rolled-up jeans? Check. Perfect hairstyle? Yep. Full synchronization of accessories? Definitely.

How about you stop worrying so much about looking too dressed up and just wear what feels right? Mess around with proportion and context a bit, but don’t get carried away with trying so hard to dress down. 

10. You’re uncomfortable.

If you’re constantly wondering “am I pulling this off?” You’re not. If you must check yourself out in every other window or mirror you pass by because you’re not sure if that pants or pair of heels looks ok, that’s a sign it’s just not your style.

Clothing should enhance your confidence, not make you even more insecure. 

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