The Power of Color- Which Make You Look Younger?

We can all agree that, after a certain age, a common goal of ours is to look as youthful as possible. Did you know there are some colors that can help in brightening your appearance and help your complexion appear younger? Well, believe it.

From anti-aging treatments like Botox and Dermal Fillers to collagen supplements and working out daily, looking younger is on all of our minds. As we age, we tend to reach towards products and activities that can keep our bodies and our appearances as youthful as possible.

But what if there was a simple trick you could take advantage of every day to look younger?

Choose the right colors for your outfit! It’s important to pay close attention to colors that bring out your “glow from within” and to know what works against them.


Periwinkle, medium blue with a touch of purple or violet, is a colour that flatters a majority of women. Hair and skin tones ‘cool’ with age, and the blue-based hue, often called periwinkle, works beautifully no matter where you skin tone falls in the range between warm and cool.

Cate Blanchett
Lucy Liu
Kerry Washington

Bright Pink

Each individual has a “color category” that can help them look their best and present themselves unlike ever before. Are you high or low contrast? Are you warm-colored or rather cold? These specifics can change the colors and shades of colors I would suggest. Every color can affect a person differently. But, as a general rule, going for strong and bold colors will make you look more youthful. The chicest over-40 celebrities prove that when it comes to wearing pink (with the goal of looking truly ageless), bold is better. Think vibrant shades of fuschia and hot pink like below.

Kristin Davis
Reese Witherspoon


This is the central color. It is universal, so it is suitable for all women. Just study the shade of your skin carefully to understand which red is best to choose: cold (deep red on the verge of crimson) or warm (closer to tomato red). And don’t forget about lipstick!

Amber Heart
Jennifer Lawrence
Vannesa Hudgens


A most refreshing color. It is associated with coquetry, sensuality, and inaccessibility. As with pink, it would be ill-advised to make it the only color in your image. You can pick up a coral blouse or a shirt, and put on a coat or jacket of darker tones over it. When you wear a warmer color, such as red-orange or yellow, you are bringing vibrancy back into your complexion.

Eva Longoria
Demi Lovato
Emma Stone


Purple is a slightly less obvious choice for achieving an age-defying appearance. If you want to position your personal brand as prestigious, purple may be your most effective color. It used to be one of the most expensive colors to produce, and purple’s connotation of royalty still remains to some extent. Lilac purples add bright, fresh, and young notes to the look. So, you can just put on a white or cream blouse with a violet jacket. Such bright highlights will draw attention to the whole image, and not to wrinkles or other unsightly features.

Natalie Portman
Mila Kunis
Scarlett Johanson


Brighter colors are more fun! For good reasons. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they can make you look and feel younger.

They have this vibrancy that helps your skin tone look more vibrant as well. Bright yellows, corals, and even bright pinks have the ability to make your complexion look radiant. They bleed life back into your appearance. Choosing the perfect bright color depends on your skin tone and undertone


Avoid any colors that are grayed out, lack vibrancy, and come to close to your own skin undertone. They will more often than not strip the color from you. Sadly, this relates to a lot of common clothing tones and pastels! Although lighter colors bring out the life within, that doesn’t mean it relates to every light color out there. Some gray undertones in it will emphasize nothing but your age, and make you appear meek. Make a professional Color Analysis to check if you are bright or rather muted type. If you start wearing not your colors and wear tones against your natural beauty type then, for most toned colors as these washed-out colors will make you look dull and toned down.

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