How to develop a Signature Look?

Your signature look is the flagship look of your own personal style. It speaks for its core elements, the essence of your style, all in one outfit. Your signature look is like the picture of you people have in their mind when they think of you.

Is a signature look a new concept? Not at all. Basically every single style icon, like Jackie Kennedy, Jennifer Aniston or Sophia Coppola had or has a strong signature (more fashion icons you find here ). This signature emphasizes their public persona and expresses general aesthetic ideals which are theirs. In fact, except few exception, having a defined signature look is very much an imperative to becoming a style icon.

Where to start?

Having a signature look signifies a considerable amount of self-knowledge: you know what you like, who you are and what suits you. This confidence or rather, authenticity, enhances what you are trying to express through your look and makes it all the more powerful. Therefore you should start by identifying three key issues regarding your natural predispositions and preferences and they are related to:

Your Personal Style

Your Color Type

Your Body Type

Remember that the answers for above questions take some time, it will be a process.

Start small.

Financially, you’re going to regret buying three bespoke dresses if you then decide that tailoring isn’t the look for you. So while you’re still figuring out your signature, experiment at the affordable end. Invest in high quality basics in the wardrobe. Things like footwear and jeans can define you if they are deliberate choices. Fashionistas might go wide and cropped, but a classic girls can go with something like Levi’s 501s. Your signature could be pumps shoes, it could be flashy sneakers. They’re things that say a lot about the direction of travel. It’s the stuff you wear day in day out. Perhaps your signature look is not a specific image, but a commitment to always having a unique look. Declare yourself and determine what elements in the wardrobe are the most important for you in the context of colors, patterns, cuts and accessories, and be consistent. Remember about them when shopping and when something charms you and does not fit into the aesthetics of your signature style, let it go. After all, the greatest art today is to make the right choices.

Misapprehensions about Signature Looks

The most common myths about creating a consistent style are those about that signature looks means wearing the same outfits all the time and signature looks are bold.

Although either of the above can be true, neither is a must. Your signature look can definitely be bold and dramatic (like Jennifer Lopez’s and Hunter Schafer’s), but it can also be minimalist and casual (like Jennifer Aniston’s and Charlotte Gainsbourg’s). You can also control and decide how closely you want to define your signature look: be super sharp and create your signature look around an unique set of items that you wear a lot with only minor variations or come up with a more unchain method that you can implement with a few different items for greater variety – the decision is yours!

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