What is your Kibbe Body type?

In the process of developing the best formula for determining what my client's body type is, I analyzed different schools of body shape analysys: geometric figures (triangle, inverted triangle, square, etc.), fruit shapes (apple, pear etc.). But the best in my opinion and the most advanced system that gives a whole new meaning to women look is the Kibbe body type

In 1987, David Kibbe, an image professional based in New York City, released a book entitled Metamorphosis, A Personal Image And Style Book For Women. The Kibbe Body Types are an array of 13 style types based on the overall proportions of:

Body Flesh (how you flesh sits on your bones)

Skeleton (bone structure)

Facial Bones Structure

Facial Flesh

The essence created from the mix of our yang and yin determines not only our external appearance, but also the way we behave, the body language and the overall aura that we spread around ourselves.
Below is an example of a sharp Yang. The Dramatic body type is defined by sharp yang and is the overall combination of a strong, sharp physicality, a cool reserve and charismatic power.
At the other end there is lush Yin. The Romantic body type is defined by lush Yin and is the overall combination of a soft physicality and magnetic essence.

The archetypes are mapped along the yin/yang spectrum as well as the contrast/blend spectrum and arranged into five main types or families: Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine and Romantic, plus eight subtypes which are combinations of the main types.

The system is enriched with 8 additional sub-types which are combination of the main types and they are as follows: Soft Dramatic (SD), Flamboyant Natural (FN), Soft Natural (SN), Dramatic Classic (DC), Soft Classic (SC)
Flamboyant Gamine (FG), Soft Gamine (SG), Theatrical Romantic (TR).
Why I believe the Kibbe Body Types works the best? The goal of the Kibbe body system is to help you narrow down your unique silhouette and to dress accordingly.  And to expand your base understanding of why you gravitate towards certain styles, or why certain clothes just don’t seem to fit you. The system believes in embracing yourself and reject the traditional body typing that endorses “hiding problem areas” or focusing on your “highlights”. The benefits of the Kibbe body system are that it coaches you to look past your weight and embraces your entire personality in categorizing yourself.  When you look at more than just your bust, hip, and waist measurements, you can start to hone your personal style more effectively and discover why certain styles look “off”.

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