Capsule wardrobe – beginner’s tutorial

The art of mastering your own style and managing your own wardrobe is not an easy matter and learning it can be a long process, even for someone with a high sense of aesthetics and the so-called good taste. While there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for having your style completely at your belt, one method of creating a wardrobe can be a shortcut to that goal: building a capsule wardrobe.

The shopping mindset for a capsule wardrobe has the power to resist the temptation to spontaneously buy things that you never reach for, and helps make sure that everything hanging in your closet is something that is a critical part of your garment rotation. This attitude will make everyday dressing and confidence a reality as the clothes you own have a purpose and the many ways in which you can style them.

Okay, but where to start the journey in the capsule wardrobe? Look no further. Below you will find everything you need to know to start this journey and never say “I have nothing to wear today” again.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

The simple definition is that it is a selected garment composed of versatile elements, but only those that you love to wear and which components are like puzzle pieces creating a harmonious and functional whole. 

A capsule wardrobe contains set of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes, and accessories that can be effortlessly mixed and matched together to create outfit.

Your capsule wardrobe should have between 25 and 50 pieces, which includes clothing, shoes and accessories. Each “capsule” should last for three months.

It means your wardrobe has only few trendy pieces that will be worn for one season and more  timeless and high-quality items can be worn for years to come.

Once you learn how to build a capsule wardrobe, you can replace, add or remove individual elements from season to season. It makes it easy to pack and take out clothes for the right season, and because it is a deliberate and planned process, every time you take them out they are just as fashionable as when you bought them. 

Benefits of a capsule wardrobe.

Unfortunately, online shopping, endless promotions and sales have meant that we often buy cool new clothes for just one season, but we turn to old, tried and true favorites. This made our wardrobes swell and grow, and ultimately we have a lot of things in them that you don’t love or wear.

The key to a functional stylish wardrobe, however, is not the changing weather and trends. It is not the quantity that determines whether we look good on a daily basis, but the quality and versatility of our clothes. The goal is therefore to avoid buying and storing clothes in the wardrobe that you do not reach for because they are ill-fitting or out of style.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of things that are a well-thought-out investment that will cost you per wear and will last as long as you want. There is no place here for the spontaneous purchase of a super trendy dress that you will wear for one event and which you will never wear again. It is about deliberately postponing the momentary pleasure of buying something that catches your eye, towards something that is in line with your style, which you will come to over a long period of time, even a year or two. Ultimately, you will have fewer clothes than before, but from a practical point of view you will feel that you have many more.


How to start it?

The key is to take a close, careful look at what you currently have and clean up the rest. It is not about briefly going through hangers, but carefully assessing each piece of the wardrobe, whether something remains or falls out of our wardrobe.

Step by step, sort each item into one of four piles:

1. My beloved thing that I will wear tomorrow: these elements fit your body and lifestyle and you feel good in them. Put them back.

2. I like but: These items may not fit perfectly, but have sentimental value, or you cannot clearly tell why you are not wearing them at the moment. This group also includes clothing that you have not reached for more than once. Place all these items on a separate shelf, cupboard or box, it’s important that you have them easily accessible. If you find you are missing them, look for them, and reach for them, you can put them back in the closet. But if it turns out that you haven’t reached for it by the end of the season, it means that they should disappear from your wardrobe once and for all. This is non-binding (yet) and allows you to change your mind later.

3. Definite no: no matter if it’s because it’s too tight, too big, or you just decided you don’t like it, pack these items and give someone around to whom they can still be of use or give to those in need.

4. Seasonal: Do not keep a warm woolen sweater next to soft summer blouses. Bring all your seasonal items to a storage area ready to be replaced when the season is right.

Then look at what’s left in your wardrobe and embed what is the essence of your personal style and where there are gaps that need to be filled with a new purchase. Perhaps you thought you would need a new pair of jeans, but it turns out that you need a new autumn coat more. Having a clear vision of what you can combine this coat with, you will make a better choice of what suits your wardrobe. It’s not that you have to definitely give up on fashionable elements and wear only fashionable evergreens, but it means that when you buy clothes in the latest trends, you know exactly where this element will find its place in the puzzle – what is your wardrobe.

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