No more plain Jane – Tips to get you OUT of a Style Rut

In my last article I touched on the signs that you have fallen into a Style rut. Today I will give you some practical examples of how to get out of the trap and start loving yourself and your wardrobe anew.

Solution number one: Organize your wardrobe. 
Spring in your closet.
How much do I repeat it and say, well, never enough, especially since a wardrobe that was cleaned once has the risk of ending up a mess after a while.
Cleaning out your old unfashionable wardrobe really lets you move forward. If you do not know how to go about it, get help from your friend or hire a stylist or  a style coach that will help you guide you through the process of cleaning, segregation and throwing things that don’t serve you.
Solution number two: Look for fresh ideas and inspiration.
Do you want to change something, you want to look different, but it is difficult to break your habits? Use SoMe as a source of inspiration. I think the role of influencers is already underestimated, but after all, they once emerged and became famous for their style and sense of aesthetics. Look around, read blogs, magazines. Use Instagram or Pinterest as a source of inspiration. Find fashionistas whose style you appreciate but who are also similar in height and stature to you. Then it will be easier for you to notice what cuts and patterns work  for you.
Solution number three:  Two simple words - Go Shopping
Split your purchases into two main parts. The first one is to buy a few things that are the basis of the wardrobe (surely, it's time to replace the slightly worn t-shirts, replace the yellow shirts with snow-white ones, buy new underwear, socks, etc.). The second part of shopping is the purchase of even something small like an accessory, but in the so-called trends.

Both the first and the second part of shopping are extremely important. The first allows you to maintain quality and cleanliness in the wardrobe. The second part tells you to go beyond the comfort zone from which it becomes more and more difficult for you to get out of. We often ask ourselves whether something is good for us or not, and this is what gets you stuck in a routine. So let yourself go on a trendy “youth style” even if you have to fight your inner voice.

Solution number four: Use color. 
I have already mentioned how much we love neutral colors, and that's good. Neutral colors are a great basis for a wardrobe and allow us to build a wardrobe in the long run. However, the pop of a bright color is sassy and gives character and freshness. Do not be afraid of colors, check which colors suit your type of beauty, after all, red and red are not the same red, the same applies to blue, yellow and any other color (invest in a color analysis). If you are afraid of extreme changes in your colors, find a strap, a handbag, a nice color of shoes that will diversify your everyday outfit.
Solution number five: Bust yourself out of the style rut by using layers. 
By overlaying each other, you create again and again a new look. One dress in combination with a bend, a sports jacket or a cardigan or even a summer coat is a new pattern of the same dress.
Layers let you play with structures and colors for a thoughtful, creative outfit. The protruding cuffs, collar and other details of the outer garment give the effect of elegance, something unique.
Solution number six: Challenge yourself. 
What do I mean? Each of us finds things in our wardrobe that we will not get rid of in life because we like them, but for some reason we do not wear them. Maybe it's time for a change. Prepare 7 outfits made of just these things and give them a chance to see the light of day again. It will be a good opportunity to consciously try them on, put on a dress or shoes that you never wear. That will give you the opportunity to check whether it is time to start using them more often or say goodbye to them forever, if you feel that you feel bad in them.
Solution number seven: Create your own lookbook. 
Allow a few evenings to create ready-made sets with the clothes you have. Remove all straps, earrings, shoes from drawers and shelves and see what fits. Take pictures of yourself in the mirror. From the photos you have taken, you can create thematic albums on your phone: evening, summer, work etc. as a quick download
It will be a great opportunity to experiment, assess what fits together, discover new ones. … the way, you can clean ...
Solution number eight: Look for new clothing brands. 
We all have favorite brands and stores, but just to rediscover your own style, it is worth looking for new companies. Often our favorite stores offer similar styles and, above all, one aesthetics that is very interesting for them. Discovering new brands and designers you can find something absolutely in your own style and at the same time something new and different.
Solution number nine: Take the risk. 
You remember when you once dressed in something because you just liked them so much and then only secondarily you bothered about aspects of proper quality, length, decency, and others. Maybe a little bit of madness and a bit of a twist in your outfit sometimes is a good thing. After all, fashion is supposed to be something fun and not a chore. So, if you like a bit of exposed body and you feel good in a flashy top or red lipstick, it's not worth wondering what others think about you.
Solution number ten: Update your hairstyle and make up.
I mentioned it in my last post and I will repeat it to update your hairstyle and make up. One thing is that fashion is gently evolving, and for example the makeup trends of 2014 seem to be uninspired and grotesque by todays standard. The same applies to hair, the way of coloring and cutting. The modern bob looks differently than the one from 10 years ago, so even if you are a fan of such a haircut, make sure your professional stylist is cutting it well and then styling it at home. Change your makeup cosmetics, newer technologies allow you to get a better, more natural, or precise effect. Change hair cosmetics, because in this industry everything is also moving forward and it is worth following the news to your advantage.

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