Signs that you are in an unexpected style rut. 

Do you ever feel that suddenly you fall into a fashion apathy, popularly called a style rut?

  • Do you feel no excitement looking into your wardrobe? 
  • Are you exhausted by what you have in your closet? 
  • Outfits don’t come together and everything feels the same?

We often don’t think about the emotional connection of our psyche with fashion, this often leads us on the beaten path or pushes us into a routine that is hard to come out of.

Each of us has moments when we feel less attractive, and that our clothing and appearance does not make us feel good.

If this is how you feel then you may be experiencing a fashion crisis right now! 

See if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms. Here some indications that your style mojo is currently off. 

  • You have closet clones. You are buying the same type of garment over and over again; for example blue shirts with a bit of different variations. 

It is nothing wrong to like and feel good on certain shapes and colors but if you have 6-7 identical type of shirt maybe it is time to see that there is specific pattern behind it and it is time to step out of the it.

  • Fashion shopping has ceased to be enjoyable, what is more, it is torture and a necessary duty. If you would rather be doing the worst and most boring chores than shopping, it could mean that you are in stylish stagnation. 

Nobody says that fashion must be everyone’s passion but going shopping should give you a little fun and the joy of doing something for yourself. Therefore, if you hate shopping, and so far it has not been an unpleasant experience for you, it may mean that you have fallen into a fashion apathy.

  • Your wardrobe is monochrome or there are two colors: white and black, or beige and a different shade of beige.

Elegant nude colors took over the fashion scene and chain store a good few season ago and the combination of black and white is timeless. Beautiful stylizations of monochrome colors conquer Pinterest and Instagram (I’m a big fan of such colors myself). However, if you don’t have any pop of color in your wardrobe, you may be stuck in style rut.

  • Everyday clothes now resemble a fashion deja vu. Another sign that you gone into fashion hibernation is the fact that your outfit is the same jeans with the same sweater or t-shirt. It looks like you have three items in your wardrobe (even though you wear different jeans, other sweaters, and t-shirts). 

I do not mean that you should not have a signature style, this is very important in the context of building your own image and I will write about in another post, but that you don’t change anything in your outfits. You don’t add layers, accessories, structures or colors, and your outfit is just pieces of clothing you throw on without any thought or finesse.

  • Convenience and comfort always win when making fashion decisions. The pandemic, the work from home mode has made us lazy about fashion with the effect that our wardrobes have more tracksuits and leggings than ever before.

I am an absolute supporter of buying comfortable clothes and shoes that we like to wear and feel good in. I believe that the ideal combination in fashion is when aesthetics combine with functionality. If, however, when making decisions, you don’t consider any fashion elements for the sake of comfort, then you may have to embrace the fashion rut.

  • Your wardrobe is stalled. Nothing changes in it and you can’t let go. You don’t buy anything, you don’t exchange anything, you don’t donate anything. Without any movement in your wardrobe, you don’t know what things serve you, which are your favorites, and it does not inspire or motivate you to take care of your style.
  • “Circa a decade ago”. From my observations, this phenomenon most often affects women over 30, who like the classics and start investing money in high-quality clothes. If you dress the same as a you did a few years ago, it may be a sign that you are stuck in a fashion space-time. 

Classic forms, as the name suggests, are long-lived and will last for many seasons, but be vigilant. Even the most basic and simple cuts gently evolve from season to season, and it is the small twists and details that give us the impression of something fresh and modern, or on the contrary outdated and unfashionable. This also applies to your hairstyle and makeup.

  • Getting depressed when dressing

The most common reasons for this is weight gain, but it also applies to many other situations such as when we go through difficult periods in life, menopause, we notice signs of aging and other unpleasant ones that discourages us from experimenting with fashion or to take care of ourselves, when it should be exactly the opposite. The negative body image puts us in the bad place and takes away the urge to feel attractive.

If you recognize one or more of the above points and that you might have ended up in a style rut, be good to yourself! 

Treat yourself with understanding and be your best friend. 

Don’t criticize yourself and don’t talk badly about yourself.

Seek support, good advice, and someone to give you time and attention on how to get out of your fashion stagnation! 

I have some ideas and tips that I will share with you here in the next post 🙂

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