Things You Need To Know About Working With The Style Coach

As a certified Style Coach, I am often asked what exactly my job is and what distinguishes it from the personal shopper or other professionals working in the fashion industry.

My main objective isn’t creating an uber-fashionable look if thats not “you”. Instead, I discover your own authentic style and build a closet based on what really suits YOU.

Before we even plan any new shopping for you, I spend a few sessions working with you on your self-belief, self-confidence, self-awareness and create your “style mindset”.

As we discover more and more about the stories that are holding you back and your real style intention, you’ll begin to scout your own style and start to change the way you think about yourself. In a natural way You’ll start testing new things by yourself. Your experiments will not be limited to new styles, cuts, colors, accessories, makeup, and hairstyles. You will also start to enjoy the process even if so far fashion has not been your cup of tea. The experience itself will have an impact on your perception of other areas in your life!

Our sessions will not only be fun, but thanks to specific tasks and exercises you will continue to go beyond your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

My work ethic assumes that I listen to you without judgement, I want only the best for you and give my best advice without any hidden agenda. I am honest and you have my full support.

In our common process of going through your wardrobe, we will focus on getting rid of anything that does not suit you or flatter you. However, during the review we will also focus on what you already have in your wardrobe instead of what you don’t have (the problem is often excess, not the lack in the wardrobe!)

When we finally plan shopping online or offline, I’ll I guide you on how to buy wisely, use promotions, read the composition of labels and what to pay attention to when choosing amongst the ocean of offers. In a word, how to be an informed and educated consumer.

As a Style Coach, I will help you build an image that’s in line with your personality, lifestyle, and matching your true style. I will help you to become not just fashionable but best version of yourself with a unique style inside and out.

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